Sunday, August 12, 2007

1st successful whole cake

Tdy i bake my 1st successful whole cake. Actually i got the ingredients for this sponge cake with SP quite sometime ago but just didn't have the courage to make becos all this while when i tried to make a whole cake, the centre usually come out too wet, otherwise the exterior is burnt. Therefore, even though i have all the ingredients ready, but the thought of unsuccessful making really puts me off. Tdy finally managed to make one complete cake without the burnt and wet centre. However, the height of the cake is still not very good - only 4.5 cm high only. I'm not sure whether is it becos my weighing machine problem or is it becos i really got the wrong measurement. I guess the baking powder and sponge cake stabiliser may be incorrect. My weighing machine seems quite difficult to make small measurement. Or is it becos the oven temperature is not correct becos inorder to prevent the burnt effects, instead of setting the temperature at 180 degree celsius, i set it at 170 degress celsius, this temperature seems perfect to cure the burnt cake problem. Well, as long as i'm not trying to slice the cake to put in fillings, i think this cake seems perfect.