Monday, March 2, 2009

Are you affected by the recession?

Recent conversation with colleagues and friends have set me thinking - i'm really lucky to be able to hold a job and keep the home going.

I have always grumble about not being treated fairly in the company which i think have set some of my colleagues to have the following conversation:

"Are any of your friends or relatives affected by the recent mass retrenchment?"

"Not that i know of"

"Mmmmm...... you know it's a good thing that our company have always been stingy in spending, otherwise, we might not be able to survive this economic crisis"

"Ya, and we are so lucky to be still employed and being paid promptly"

At that very moments, i was so pissed off that i feel all these are targeted at me. However, now i really feel that they could be right. Never mind the fact that the company is not affected by the crisis at all at the moment, but who knows when we may be hit, and i could be the next umemployed roaming the street.

I'm officially in the 21 years of service with my company, no awards, no appreciation gift, nothing, but i'm not complaining anymore. Because i feel i'm so lucky to be still employed.........