Monday, January 31, 2011

Great give away

It has been a long time since i last blog. Well, today i found a great reason to have a new post here - the reason being the blog - luxury haven which i visit regularly, now have a great giveaway - a 24 cm supor stock pot - as Chinese new year celebration.

Well, this blog is definitely worth spending your time as beside this great give away, the blog also features travel log, shopping tips, informations of sales whereabout, great recipes the economy way, great food tasting comments, etc, etc. So much have been talk about it, so guess you would be wondering, "come on, give me the link, i can't wait to check it out" LOL, well here's the link:

I have actually like the fanpage on facebook so that i could always get update on new post by Blackswan (the owner of luxury haven), and trust me, you would never regret doing so. Beside that, i had also tag more than 10 of my facebook pals regarding this great give away as i would like them to get a chance to get this great giveaway.

Happy reading pals!