Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bellabox Winnings

I won this - Porefessional spygal kit,  recently from joining a contest holds by bellabox.

So lucky. It's like a Christmas gift come early, haha..... really super early. But i heard in Philippines, alot of them already start counting down.

Inside the kit, there's a full size tube of porefessional and a mini size - travel size of porefessional, a spygal cosmetics pouch (nice aqua color), a comic book plus a paper bag from benefits cosmetics.

I have been too lazy recently to update my blog except i keep posting contest information. Haha, so bad, it look as if i'm out to win things only. I think i really have to restart my other posting like craft, cooking, baking, etc. I'm always full of ideas like i wanted to post how to make a DIY flower brooch, i wanted to cook interesting dishes and post it here, i wanted to do bento box, i wanted to do this, i wanted to do that but it just never get started. Must buck up meh.......