Friday, September 12, 2008

I did it again

Yes, i did this steam cake again. Why? This time i'm bringing it to share with my meditation classmates. Last weeks topic is "Sharing is Great" and i really want to share.

i have always loves to share, be it food or knowledge. I loves my meditation class - it's so peaceful when all meditate at the same time. Well, i wouldn't say that i have accomplished true meditation effects but surely i gained something from all the topics that the Sifu shared with us.
Can you imagine - water have ears and eyes too.

When pure natural water is being exposed to good wordings by sticking paper with wordings and exposing water to hear good words, it actually helps the water to form nice crystals when put under the microscope. When expose to bad words, ugly crystals may form. Since our body is make up of 75% of water, it's goods to expose it to good words so that we will have nice crystals forming in the body thus achieving good health.

Well, i didn't say all this because my meditation Sifu said so. Well there's actually a real research done by Dr Emoto. Here's the website that you may go to read up further on what i said above.

Somehow or the other, i just loves this cake - not only for the taste but also for the time that i missed during that period of time.