Saturday, October 6, 2012

I mould my own chocolates

Knowing that i love dark chocolates, my company's MD who went to switzerland to visit his daughter and the new born grand daughter brought back a block of Lindtt dark chocolates for me. This block of chocolate contain 85% cocoa.

Although i love dark chocolates, but this tastes real bitter, so no one in the house likes it except me. I decided to do something out of it. Armed with a bag of Haribo gummy bear which i bought from the local supermarket recently, i decided to mould my own gummy bear chocolates.

Also an ex-colleague of mine bought me a silicon chocolates mould for me when she's leaving the company which i have no chance to test out yet. So i decided to embark on my chocolates moulding adventures.

I  also wanted to try this chocolate mould which i buy from Diaso (the everything S$2 shop),
There's really no real recipe involved in my chocolates moulding. What i did is that since the dark chocolates is way too bitter, i added some semi sweet chocolate block into it while i steam melted my dark chocolates.
In a wok, put a steamer stand in it, bring the water to boil, put a deep mixing bowl on the stand, put dark chocolates and semi sweet chocolates block into the bowl. Steam till chocolates melted. Stir to mixed well. In the chocolates mould, place a piece of gummy bear into each hole. Spoon melted chocolates into the mould. As far as possible, try to fill chocolates within the mould or else it could be quite messy trying to clean up the excess outside the mould.
However, if u do overfilled the mould, don't worry, just use a small butter knife to scrap off any excess and use a kitchen paper towel to wipe off the side of the mould.

All u need to do next is send your chocolates filled mould into the fridge to set the chocolates.

When the chocolates is set, de-mould it from the mould. For the chocolates mould which i bought from Diaso; it's easy. Just use a toothpick to push at 1 corner and the chocolates will pop up as the mould is more shallow. For the silicon mould, it's also easy since the silicon mould is soft and you can just press the chocolates out from the soft silicon mould as shown in the picture below.

Viola! I have my own moulded chocolates as snack.

In order to keep my chocolates in the fridge for later consumption, i use aluminum foil to wrap up my chocolates. There's no need to use heavy duty aluminum foil, just the thin type will do.

 Or if you can find colored aluminum foil or aluminum chocolates cups which some supermarket sells (i remember seeing them), use them to wrap your chocolates to make it fanciful. I didn't get mine as i'm just playing with my chocolates, so i decided to drop the wrapper chocolates into a fanciful gift bag instead.