Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet things elevate your mood

Went to the nearby mall just now, saw my favourite strudel having a promotion store there. Couldn't resist the temptation, so i bought a small piece to eat. This is my favourite strudel store - RITZ APPLE STRUDEL & PASTRY.
There's many branches around in Singapore, but this one that i bought from is not a permanent store, it's just a food event organised by the management of the mall, i just happened to saw it there. I know, i shouldn't be eating all this but i was thinking, since i took a 10 minutes walk to the mall, and another 10 minutes walk to get back home, so i could afford to indulgence a little.

Not really a small piece huh, heehee..... but i don't really do this very often, so why not.

Today i choose mango as the fillings because i know they are always very generous with their apple fillings, so i choose mango instead. At least i would not be eating so much of the custard fillings and piled on my calories.

Also bought this at the petrol kiosk - not so much for the candies but the container - because it's Hello Kitty. Sweet stuff does lift your mood, so go ahead, indulgence in some thing sweet occasionally.