Sunday, November 16, 2008

Png Kueh

It had been a long time since i last post my cooking. Since i wake up early today, i was planning to do something 1st before i head off to Suntec City book fair. Since i saw so many of my bakery friends making this PNG KUEH, i decided to give it a try.

See how i transform the above glutinuous rice to this PNG KUEH below:

A close upAlthough the PNG KUEH is soft and tasty enough to be eaten on its own, my family still likes to refry it again till crispy and add sweet sauce and chilli before eating.

Making this kueh can be quite tedious especially when kneading the dough. I had actually converted my kitchen into a war zone after effect. Haha.... wanted to snap a picture of it, however, my hand is full with flour from the dough, therefore abandon the idea. Anyway, friends may think i'm crazy to take a picture of such unsightly kitchen, heehee........Ok, back to the kueh again. Like what i said, it's quite tedious. It's not the making of the kueh, but the cleaning up after it is such a chore. Actually making this kueh can be quite fun. Molding it is so enjoying. It's especially enjoying when i see my family wallop all the kueh in 1 evening. ;) *wink wink*