Saturday, November 5, 2011

Garnier Giveaway

I hardly blog nowsaday is due to my lack of time to write and i don't want to "torture" you readers. i have not been taking care of my skin too, thus resulting in dehydrated skin and i begin to lost my "god given" fairness of my skin. Thank goodness, i'm such a loyal fan of "LUXURY HAVEN" No matter how busy i am, i'll always find time to read her post.
This time round, she's celebrating her 46th birthday (mmm........... looking at her pictures, you would probably think she couldn't be 46. But, she's really 46. She's not hidding her age just like her willingness to share all her secret weapon in life) and is giving away some goodies in celebration. She managed to get sponsor for this great giveaway. So, what's her giveaway? Look at this:
It's not just 1 item, but 3 items in a pack. All the lastest products from GARNIER and just what i needed to treat my skin. I want these, i want these. Isn't it great if you are a winner to this great giveaway? Don't worry, i'm not a selfish person, Blackswan - luxury haven's sponsor for this great giveaway have 3 sets in all to give away, therefore, i'm sharing........, hee.....hee........... but only with 2 more readers. LOL!
How to participate? Visit this link:
All the instructions are stated clearly there. Follow and do it step by step and who knows, you might be a winner too.