Friday, September 14, 2007


A friend of mine who is a Christian send me an email showing the
pictures of a man carrying a large wooden CROSS and is complaining
about the difficulty in carrying it. Along the way, he keep asking
for the CROSS to be cut shorter each time so that it's make easier to
carry. However, when the man finally reached the cliff end and wanted
to cross, he's not able to do so anymore as the CROSS that he carries
is too short to connect to the other side. Whereas, the others who are
carrying the long difficult CROSS is able to reach the other side.

The moral of the story : Never ask for your burden to be lessen as
there's always a reason for the difficult path along your life path.

Even though i'm not a Christian, some how or the other, this story
did motivate me to carry on no matter how difficult the path may be.