Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HAIR DIY, crochet tissue box cover, bake cheesy prawn

With the current economy downturn, everybody is talking about cutting cost and saving to tie over this economy suitation.

Here come my thoughts:


Before recession - real rich "tai tai" way - have the top celebrative hairstylist chauffeured to her house to get all your hair treatment, hair cut and hair styling done in the comfort of her own home.

When recession set in - real rich "tai tai" will still get hair done by top hairstylist but this time at the stylist saloon in the top shopping mall.

Before recession - HDB "tai tai" will get hair treatment done in HDB style saloon by top hairstylist.

When recession set in - HDB "tai tai" will still get hair done in hair saloon but this time by budget stylist.

MY STYLE OF BEAUTIFYING MY HAIR - recession or no recession still the same.

Armed with all these gadgets,

Shampoo myself, style myself, DIY hair dyeing with over the counter hair dye (the cheapest and reasonably priced, available when i walk into the store), sometimes lucky enough to get help from family members, cut fringe myself which save me quite a bit otherwise may have to visit hair saloon every month and subject myself to being persuaded into doing other treatment due to my poor will power. Probably get a major hair cut only once a year. Oops! Bosses of hair saloon is going to protest if they happened to read this.

Then i might as well give some more tips - can DIY hair treatment with egg yolk, just remember not to wash with hot water otherwise you may get "蛋花”(egg flower) on your hair, just cold water will do (cold water also keeps away the static of your hair) - this would actually keeps your hair soft and shinning

Hair treatment with treatment wax available from personal care stores or from the counter of HDB style saloon. This is considered luxury already.


Done this during my school days. May consider picking up the needle again.
Make this using 厨房笔记 recipe. Very easy - just clean prawn and slit back of prawn, sprinkle with black pepper and chilli powder, saute garlic in butter, pour over, cover with cheese strips and bake. Viola! Yummy cheesy prawn.