Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rose Buds Tea

While browsing thru' my old folders, found this picture that i took some times ago.
This is actually a souvenir given to me while attending a wedding - it's actually rose buds tea. It's comes in a little tube with a note that reads like this:
Step 1: Place buds in cup
Step 2: Add hot water
Step 3: Watch it bloom
Step 4: Enjoy with your love ones "
In real life, is it so easy to see a relationship bloom?

Steam Cake & Mooncake

Steam a chocolate sandwich steam cake last week. This cake is very simple to do but very delicious. There's no flour involve, just butter, eggs and marie biscuits. Hubby's friend all say very nice. However, i have yet to master the skill of creating nice graphics on the cake surface.

These mooncakes are given to me by a friend. Hubby loves it so much. Indeed, it's very yummy! The lotus paste is not very sweet and the pastry is soft..............oOoo.......... yummy yummy!