Sunday, February 8, 2009


Have not been making any dishes or cakes, i.e have not been doing any baking or cooking. Actually my hands are itching to try something, however because of all the cookies that i have make for CNY, i can't do anything else till i finish all these CNY goodies. With all the festive feasting, i tried to restraint myself from making anything else, otherwise, how to keep to my resolution to lost some weight.

So how to keep my time occupy if i'm not making stuff. Well, i'm still very addicted to the viwawa growords game. In case you may also be interested to play or to find out why am i so addicted to this game, here's the website:

other than that, i have been trying to tidy up my stuffs a little. A few days ago, i rearrange all the paper bags that i got from buying things - there's so many of them. To throw it away is such a pity. But i can't possibably use them all up in no time as most of them are quite durable. What to do, i just have to keep them tidy in a carton.

Beside this, there's also my ang pow packets that have been lying in the cabinet for the longest time. I'm not really a ang pow packets collector, however, there's always so many given to me in the office (empty one only thou *wink wink*), as such i have so many collections of them over the years (20 years to be exact). Look at these:

This is just a portion of it only

Probably the oldest ang pow packet that i have got.
Does oldest ang pow packet consider an antique too?
Can i fetch some cash from it?

The little baby who have grown up a little this year to this:

The most complete collection, 12 zodiac altogether.
I didn't feature the zodiac here, too lazy to turn over to snap that.
These actually are DJ from FM 95.8 whom i don't know all who is who
except probably 1 or 2 of them, I didn't call in to get this,
it was given to me free in one of the shopping mall.

This is the one that i called in to get. From FM 100.3 and FM 91.3.
Many years back, i was a fan of this channel. However, this ang pow
don't look fantastic at all. Infact quite disappointed when i got it.

The GREEN PACKET - for Hari Raya Puasa, very unique and rare.

This one doesn't tear - because it's make of plastic foil.
Heehee.......... waterproof some more.

The daddy and son ang pow packet.

My favourite, cannot remember how i got it.
I did not feature everything here, please refer to my slide show on the left for my collections, not all thou, becos there are some which i did not take any picture of it. Well subsequently if i got more, i can just add on to the slide show.

It's a pity that i could not convert these to money. One full box of it - the box for putting 5 ream of A4 paper. Oops! possibably can if i sell it to the kara guni man - would they take it???
Now can some body tell me what can i do with all these ang pow packets. Any suggestion?