Saturday, April 18, 2009

One dish meal - Pork Ball Congee

When it come to simplicity for meal, what could be more convenient than to prepare a one dish meal. What do i mean by one dish meal? Well, it simply must incoporate the food pyramid - that is it must consist of carbohydrate, protein as well as vitamins.

Today, i prepared a one dish meal - pork ball congee.

The carbohydrate is the rice, protein comes from the pork and vitamins from the carrot.

See, my pork ball congee - convenient and delicious. Recipe in my bon appetite blog.

This is how i shape my pork ball.

One of the ingredient i used is called tao tow chai - literally translate as big head vegetable. It is actuall a kind of dried preserved vegetable. This is quite salty, so when using this ingredient, one must remember to wash thoroughly to clean away the salt used to preserved it. Here's a picture of it:

I guessed, it must have got its name from the way it look - a big head. Wahaha.......