Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've got 2 birthday cake from Sifu - The strawberry chocolate mousse cake which sifu said it's nicer to take picture with. And a pure chocolate cake which i requested - mmm........ yummy - the cake which we loves and talk so much about it when i initially got to know sifu. This is one of her signature cake.

Year 2010 - a year whereby i have so many birthday celebration.

My celebration started since last Thursday - hotpot steam boat at Jpot in Vivo City. Thanks to buddy - BL for giving me the treat. Didn't take any picture thou because i don't have my camera with me.

Subsequently, on friday evening, we check into Michael's Hotel in Sentosa Resort. Nice hotel, very big bathroom and lots of moving area. Here's some picture of the hotel room:

the bathroom cum toilet

The room

Large TV screen

King size bed - very cosy and comfortable bed.

After that i heard some blasting sound, and guess what i saw - fireworks.

It didn't last very long thou, probably because it's really expensive to put on firework. This really comes as a surprise. Subsequently, i heard from a friend there's some preview for the national day parade. So i guess this is just part of the national day program. Oh, by the way, i still didn't have my camera with me - so these pictures are all taken with my mobile phone.

Then, we had dinner at the Italian restaurant - Palio - in Michael's Hotel. The meal is quite costly but worth it. Pardon me for i have forgotten to take picture of the food till we are almost done except for the steak. Haha, look at the mess....

Seafood spaghetti

SteakLobster Linguine
Fresh Fruit and chocolate pizza.
In here, you will be amaze by the cook cooking right in the dinning hall in front of you. I was too shy to take picture of them at work thou as i still didn't have my camera with me.

Saturday evening, i have tom yam steam boat at sifu's place with a couples of others. Although i quite like Thai food, however, Tom yam soup have never been my under my likes. However, this one prepared by sifu was extremely delicious - it's didn't have the pungent smell of lemon grass and it isn't too spicy or too sour, just nice. And i glup down 3 bowls of soup, lolz.
It isn't over yet and the celebration continues..........

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi pals, it had been quite sometime since i last post anything here. Work had kept me very busy and also because i shifted to another part of Singapore ( if Singapore has a very big area), therefore i had been lazy to write anything here.

More than 3 months later, i have decided to share again. Oh oh, no food production as my new place has got no convection oven yet. I need to get one real soon. Meanwhile, i still promise lots of pictures. This time i'm sharing my trip to the RESORT WORLD - SENTOSA - the much talked about integrated resort (IR) of Singapore. Although the resort is not fully completed yet, let us have a glimpse of this much talked about IR

Upon approaching SENTOSA - taken from inside my car

The simple directory showing where all the places are

The waterfront centre feature

another flower feature
Centre view of the waterfront centre
The long awaited UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

Outside Universal Studios - Singapore.
Sorry pals, no picture of the inside as i'm not able to get preview tickets which was sold within 2 days from launching.

Further up the waterfront centre where the representative figurine of Singapore - the MERLION
As this year is the year of the tiger in the lunar calendar, some steel tiger figurines have been set up beneath the Merlion (picture lower right hand corner)

A close up picture of the MERLION
Singapore 1st Casino - Entrance
Casino Entry Levy booth which is set up for collection of S$100 levy for all Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents. (I guess this is to deter Singaporeans and PR from gambling which i doubt it's effectiveness). Sorry pals, again no picture of the inside as i don't know how to gamble and i'm definitely not going to pay S$100 to get inside for nothing for i knew that pictures taking are probably prohibited inside the casino too.

My lucky day start from here (hopefully) whereby i met the fortune god.
Haha! Those inside the picture are not related to me at all,
as i couldn't wait to snap the picture of the stand alone fortune god,
(the respond to taking picture with the fortune god is overwhelming)
therefore i just take this for whoever that is there.
Of course there's more to this Sentosa Integrated Resort since i did not fully comb the whole resort area. So long for now till i revisit this resort again.