Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching up with childhood buddy

It has been a long time since i last catch up with childhood buddy - S. Although we hardly ever see each other (probably only 4 to 5 times in a year), but we never run out of topic to chat about. (Buddy ST said childhood friends are the best). S is currently taking a course in nusery teaching and it really sounds interesting. I have always dreamt of going into nusery teaching when i have earn sufficient to last my life time with my family. Making cookies together with kids sound interesting isn't it? Sigh........ think this is never ever going to happen with the current escalating cost of living.

Actually, S wanted to have durian buffet at our usual hang out place which we both thought it's quite costly - $45+++. That would work out to a lot of money. At the end, i suggested why not try something different. I remembered buddy D ever mentioned to me this Korean BBQ buffet which is nice and economical (half the price of our usual hang out). Have been dying to try it out but then buddy D couldn't make it and we have been postponing it like forever. Haha.... therefore yesterday, just the right chance to give it a try. It's indeed cheap and good.....

This is the start up steam boat. The steam boat have a centre dome shape fixture which is meant for grilling meat like pork, chicken, prawn and also beef (which i don't eat, so it's not included here) and the side is like a drain where the soup is. You can cook anything from vegetables, mushroom, noodle to anything you can think of.

And here's the appetiser which consist of kimchi, spicy hotdog, light soya sauce
beancurd, ikan bilis, shredded vegetable which i'm not sure what vegetable and some very healthy blanch green vegetable.

The pictures about looks good isn't it? Haha..... to tell the truth, i have totally forgotten about taking photograph till i saw the table next to us whip out their camera and start snapping away. So, the above start up and appetiser photo is from the table next to us. Hee.......... i didn't steal to take those photograph hor, i asked for their permission, haha.......

This is the real one from our own table:
Shit! Hand shake again, so the picture is blur.
This is ours half way thru' our attack.

As usual, i brought some cookies for S - Almond biscotti and my signature cashew nuts chocolate chips cookies.

And this is my advance birthday gift from S.