Saturday, December 27, 2008

My lastest recipe testing

It has been a long time since i last put up a tested recipe in my bon appetite blog for sharing. Heehee....... i didn't attempted anything new except those in DJ Violet's 厨房笔记。Today, i suddenly feel the urge to do so. Tata..... here come my RAISINS SCONES RECIPE. It's already put up in my other recipe cabinet blog.

Overall, i put together a few recipe i found in the internet and come out with my own version. This scones is very tasty - whether eat alone, with jam, butter or honey. Basically the scone itself is not sweet at all, it tasted some what like bread yet crispy like muffin. Mmm....... how to describe lei, er...... i ate 3 pieces at one go - with jam, with butter and with honey. LOLz, luckily there's very little oil and no sugar in the recipe, otherwise, can you imagine how much weight i'm going to gain from there.

I also attempted different shots of the end products. So kiasu, right? Well, what to do, i'm still using my old camera, plus my lousy skills, here come the end results.

Plain on it's own

With apricot jam, and with butter

With blueberry jam

All in - jam, butter and honey

And oh yes, this sort of rekindle my secondary school days whereby i always go to a fast food restaurant together with childhood friend STgt.
We never fail to order this scones, back then we don't even know it's call scones but we always ate it with fried chicken - umph.........yummy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happiness=less desire

Read this sentence some where:


Mmm...... how true this is. Whenever i see a toddler playing or how a parent pacify a 7 to 8 months old baby with foods, (just a few pieces of honey star could make them shake their legs and hands, and grin from ear to ear), I always wonder how could they be so easily satisfied. Well, i guess it just reflect the above:

When you required less things, you would feel happier
When you have less desired, you would feel happier too.

As one grows older, you want more and you feel less happiness when your desired is not attained. No wonder, babies are always the happiest.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Update

Taken at Changi Airport terminal 3 - kids are not related to me. Haha.... hope i would not be call a paparazi should these kids becomes a star one day.

Taken in Thomson Plaza. Have been following my colleague there to run some errants for the past few days. This tree is very tall - about 3 storey high. Couldn't snap a full length one initially as i want to get a good picture of the decorations on the tree. So i snap the upper portion then the lower portion. Wonder which is taller, the one inside takashimaya or this one. Mmmm...... did not go Orchard to roam lately except passing by a couple of times - so still knew that this year the theme is candies and lollipop, so sweet.........

Now this is a full length snap shot.

Taken in HDB block of flats - at telok blangah drive. Nowsaday you could hardly see this type of elaborated decoration in housing estate except for shopping mall near housing estate. Wonder who bare the cost of these lightings. Mmm..... pass on to the residents??

Met up with childhood friend S recently. These was specially make for her and her family - cranberry cupcakes with colorful chocolate rice as decoration on top. Didn't give her all thou, as i also make my signature chocolate chips cookies for her too. Beside also give little gift for her and her daughter.

These cupcakes is moist and tasty.

Make this today.
Gingerbread Man

My terrible piping skills. Look how yucky these gingermen look after my horrible piping.

The only one which i think is still acceptable because, some how or the other, the eyes looks like heart shape - heehee........ not my intended creation thou, haha........

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Believe it or not, there are times when you feel not only so physically tired but also mentally tired. This is the time whereby you don't even wish to do anything or even talk to anyone. So how do youu get by these days? Well, for my case, i look out for inspirational stories to read and encourage myself thru' them, i look at other people who are less fortunate than myself and remind myself that i'm not the worst yet. Afterall, life still have to go on no matter how tired you are both physically and mentally. I tell myself there are others who need me.