Sunday, April 5, 2009

New update

STsn had asked me, how often do i update my blog, frankly, i never observed. I update whenever i feel like it or whenever i have something to show. I'm such a lazy bum. lolz. I guessed i needs alot of motivation to update my blog daily. Obviously, i can't make a living out of it. And that's probably the reason why i don't have any advertisement bar in my blog. Well, i should say, even if i do, not many visit my blog and i would probably died before i could even see the cheque reaching me. Lolz. Anyway, if one day, should i decide to put up the advertisement bar, please don't forget to click whenever you visit. And btw, if you do visit any other blog with advertisement bar, please CLICK CLICK CLICK as many time as possible. It's a good deed. lolz.

Make this last week. Ayam pongteh - a nonya dish. Although the picture don't look appetizing, but i could assure you that this dish is pretty tasty.

And i have been crazy over this indian bread call CHAPATTI. OO........ yummy.

You just need to pan fried it, no oil is needed for the frying. After which, you can eat it with whatever fillings you like. Or even dip it in curry. The texture is crispy yet not oily at all. I have make this as a snack a couple of time already. My filling is ham, dice tomato and cheddar cheese melt. Oops! sorry no picture because i was too busy dugging into it while it is still hot from the wok. Haha.....

This is my winning from an instant lucky dip when i bought some health supplement from GNC. Yes, yes this item is from OSIM. I don't know how is GNC related to OSIM. But i was given this coupon to the instant dip in OSIM. According to the sales representative, this weigher cost $99.
Not a bad win afterall.

I make this this morning for brunch. Heehee..... yes, brunch because we are heading somewhere else in the early afternoon.

Do you like this view?

Or you prefer this?

Or this?

Haha.... i like them all. Therefore a collage is done.

As i never like frozen peas, i have replaced the frozen peas normally use in fried rice with red and green pepper and carrots which is a healthier choice.

My attempt to do the egg crepe is not very successful. I know the egg is not well beaten and i have make it too thick. I guessed, i still needs lots of practices. Anyway, just to share the trick:

To make this egg wrapped fried rice, you need:

Ingredients: (good for 2 crepe)

3 eggs
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of salt


a shallow bowl
a non-stick frying pan (circumference must double the circumference of bowl)

Beat egg well with salt and pepper
Heat up frying pan
Pour well beaten egg into pan, twist and turn pan so that egg is spread thinly and evenly round pan.
When egg crepe is set, slide it on the shallow bowl
Put pre-fried rice into it, wrapped up
Overturn onto a plate, slit open the crepe and serve.

Oh, for my version of fried rice, please refer to my recipe cabinet - bon appetite