Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prawn in the net

Today's dinner dish - Prawn in the Net.

I've done this before except i can't quite remember the exact version. Today i redo this again in my own version. This is my family all time favourite. Simple and easy. I've rename it "Prawn in the Net". Don't you think this looked like a net with prawn inside.

For recipe, please refer to my bon appetite recipe cabinet.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I found the perfect crispy puffy batter

I wanted to make sweet and sour fish today, however, i don't know where to start. From my last week failed attempt in making fish and chips with my sifu recipe which is share on 97.2 DJ Violet's facebook notes. Don't be mistaken, the recipe is perfectly fine except somewhere somehow i must have done wrongly, therefore my fish and chips turned out ugly because the batter didn't stick onto the fish but the batter is still crispy. (My sifu wrote the recipe and i helped in translating it to English version.)
Therefore i start hunting for another recipe for the batter, and i recalled Luxury haven's recipe. I took a quick read and start looking into my kitchen for the required Ingredients. I couldn't find self raising flour which is required. Then i remembered during school days, i was told that self raising flour is actually plain flour plus baking powder.
Armed with the tips from Luxury haven and my sifu's recipe, i start concocting my own batter. Guess what, the batter turns out so puffy and crispy and i decided to leave out the final step for making sweet and sour fish. This is my end product:
From the picture, you could tell that the batter is really puffy. And trust me, it is also very crispy even after 1 hour. For my concoction of CRISPY PUFFY BATTER, please refer to my BON APPETITE  recipe cabinet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clover salad anyone?

I learn this from my office cleaner lady. She's our part time cleaner which comes only twice a week. She always shared what she read from the newspaper with me - sometime from health tips to stars gossips. One fine day, she came with a box of salad for us - she said she learn from a lady doing catering and she went to help one of the day and she find this guava salad very nice and refreshing, so she decided to make some and share with us in the office. When she brought it to the office, no body could figure out what was the guava tossed with, but everyone enjoyed it. She keep saying it's very easy, just toss seasoned orange peel with the guava and voila! you get your refreshing salad.
Mmm.... seasoned orange peel, gosh! how to season the orange peel meh.......
Then another day, she brought a packet of orange peel for me. Hahaha........... it didn't occurred to me then, that it is actually this:
Yes, i have used orange peel in my brownies before, but it isn't like this. It's those that is seasoned with lots of sugar and it's a little wet, so i knew it can't be that kind of orange peel that she was talking about. Till she bought me a packet. This is the type whereby you can get at Chinese Sinseh (Chinese doctor) medical shop. You may also find this in supermarket at the preserved tibits section.
All you have to do is chop these orange peel finely into bits like this:

After that toss it with your guava and you would get a refreshing guava salad. The trick here is, do not cut your guava into big chunk, instead, sliced it thinly. For full detail, please refer to my bon appetite recipe cabinet

While i was preparing this salad, something just crossed my mind. Haha! come on, have fun with your food and cookies cutter. After slicing your guava thinly, use your cookies cutter of any shape that you like or you may use multiple cutter for multiple shape to cut out your desired shape and make you salad interesting. Well, i want to feel lucky, so mine is in the shape of four leaves clover.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bellabox Winnings

I won this - Porefessional spygal kit,  recently from joining a contest holds by bellabox.

So lucky. It's like a Christmas gift come early, haha..... really super early. But i heard in Philippines, alot of them already start counting down.

Inside the kit, there's a full size tube of porefessional and a mini size - travel size of porefessional, a spygal cosmetics pouch (nice aqua color), a comic book plus a paper bag from benefits cosmetics.

I have been too lazy recently to update my blog except i keep posting contest information. Haha, so bad, it look as if i'm out to win things only. I think i really have to restart my other posting like craft, cooking, baking, etc. I'm always full of ideas like i wanted to post how to make a DIY flower brooch, i wanted to cook interesting dishes and post it here, i wanted to do bento box, i wanted to do this, i wanted to do that but it just never get started. Must buck up meh.......