Friday, December 2, 2011

Get a chance to try luxury skincare for FREE

Have you ever try SK-II skincare product? Do you want to try the widely advertise over the TV commercial SK-II Pitera Essence? Well, here's your chance to try it for FREE........

Look at this luxury skincare trial pack below:

It's very pretty and nice, isn't it?

I love it - not just the content, even the packing is attracting my attention. This trial box cost S$99.

However, if you visit Luxury Haven lastest blog post here,
then you would get a chance to try this at no cost. Follow the instruction stated clearly in the post and you would get a chance to try this luxury skincare for free. Come on, join the bandwagon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Garnier Giveaway

I hardly blog nowsaday is due to my lack of time to write and i don't want to "torture" you readers. i have not been taking care of my skin too, thus resulting in dehydrated skin and i begin to lost my "god given" fairness of my skin. Thank goodness, i'm such a loyal fan of "LUXURY HAVEN" No matter how busy i am, i'll always find time to read her post.
This time round, she's celebrating her 46th birthday (mmm........... looking at her pictures, you would probably think she couldn't be 46. But, she's really 46. She's not hidding her age just like her willingness to share all her secret weapon in life) and is giving away some goodies in celebration. She managed to get sponsor for this great giveaway. So, what's her giveaway? Look at this:
It's not just 1 item, but 3 items in a pack. All the lastest products from GARNIER and just what i needed to treat my skin. I want these, i want these. Isn't it great if you are a winner to this great giveaway? Don't worry, i'm not a selfish person, Blackswan - luxury haven's sponsor for this great giveaway have 3 sets in all to give away, therefore, i'm sharing........, hee.....hee........... but only with 2 more readers. LOL!
How to participate? Visit this link:
All the instructions are stated clearly there. Follow and do it step by step and who knows, you might be a winner too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Great giveaway from Luxury Haven

Hey, remember the supor stock pot that Luxury Haven give away? Well, i must confess, i'm the lucky winner. :D This time round, Blackswan of Luxury haven have another great giveaway. Look at these beaded bangles, aren't they lovely? Well these are all handmade by Blackswan 82 years old mother.And Blackswan is so generous and willing to share these bangles with 7 lucky readers of her blog. Care to participate? Well, here's the link : Follow the instruction there and who knows, you could be one of the 7 lucky winners. And hopefully i could be second time lucky too. But the difficult part is - which should i choose? All these bangles are just too lovely to resist. Imagine having all the 7 and match each and everyone with a different color outfit. Oh, wonderful! *wink wink* Haha! well, i can't be too greedy, i can only choose 1 but i do have a 1st and 2nd choice. Visit luxury haven's mother's day handmade accessories, click on the comment and see what's my choice.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The "Indecent" Proposal

What's the most innovative way to propose?

Well, 1st visit a supermarket or a wet market. Head for the vegetables section, buy the most beautiful bunch of CAULIFLOWER. Huh? Cauliflower? Mmm.... planning to make some delicious dishes? Nope, no, it's really cauliflower that you need.

Next, head to BURGER KING. Oh, oh, the delicious dish got burned? and you have to grap some food? Nope, no, no... you are suppose to get a packet of ONION RINGS, choose one of the best firmly fried onion ring, and discard the rest. Hey, one onion ring is not enough for 2. Hahaha! the Onion ring is not for eating.

Here's what you are suppose to do:

Step 1: Nicely wrap the bunch of Cauliflower - this is supposed to represent your bouquet of roses.
Step 2: Choose a nice ring box, put the Onion ring into the box.

There you go, date her out, and do your most innovative indecent proposal. LOL!

I'm just kidding. Guys out there, don't try this unless you want to send your irritable girl friend off forever, or if you are serious about your relationship. Heard this over dinner and thought this is real funny. Well, i elaborated a little.

It's Valentine today. HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL OUT THERE. Have fun!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Great give away

It has been a long time since i last blog. Well, today i found a great reason to have a new post here - the reason being the blog - luxury haven which i visit regularly, now have a great giveaway - a 24 cm supor stock pot - as Chinese new year celebration.

Well, this blog is definitely worth spending your time as beside this great give away, the blog also features travel log, shopping tips, informations of sales whereabout, great recipes the economy way, great food tasting comments, etc, etc. So much have been talk about it, so guess you would be wondering, "come on, give me the link, i can't wait to check it out" LOL, well here's the link:

I have actually like the fanpage on facebook so that i could always get update on new post by Blackswan (the owner of luxury haven), and trust me, you would never regret doing so. Beside that, i had also tag more than 10 of my facebook pals regarding this great give away as i would like them to get a chance to get this great giveaway.

Happy reading pals!