Saturday, September 22, 2012

I found the perfect crispy puffy batter

I wanted to make sweet and sour fish today, however, i don't know where to start. From my last week failed attempt in making fish and chips with my sifu recipe which is share on 97.2 DJ Violet's facebook notes. Don't be mistaken, the recipe is perfectly fine except somewhere somehow i must have done wrongly, therefore my fish and chips turned out ugly because the batter didn't stick onto the fish but the batter is still crispy. (My sifu wrote the recipe and i helped in translating it to English version.)
Therefore i start hunting for another recipe for the batter, and i recalled Luxury haven's recipe. I took a quick read and start looking into my kitchen for the required Ingredients. I couldn't find self raising flour which is required. Then i remembered during school days, i was told that self raising flour is actually plain flour plus baking powder.
Armed with the tips from Luxury haven and my sifu's recipe, i start concocting my own batter. Guess what, the batter turns out so puffy and crispy and i decided to leave out the final step for making sweet and sour fish. This is my end product:
From the picture, you could tell that the batter is really puffy. And trust me, it is also very crispy even after 1 hour. For my concoction of CRISPY PUFFY BATTER, please refer to my BON APPETITE  recipe cabinet.