Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Purpose of blog

Beginning to ponder over the purpose of blogging. When i 1st started to create a blog, it's to vent my frustrations over some matters. It's all just my personal thoughts. However, some how when there is some viewers, the blog doesn't seems to be personal anymore. It looks more like whatever your thoughts are, you are subjected to criticism - be it 善意or恶意. Really admired those people who blog as a living. They are the so call celebrative bloggers. Haha :( Sigh.... i think i would never be able to achieve such bravery to subject myself to such criticism (perhaps hurts). Guess i really minds what others thinks about me although i always tell myself "WHO CARES". Even when i see my love one's being threaten or humilated, i'll feel hurts too. But really, i blog just to register my thoughts at that very moments.

Read this:
Subject: You see------&-----I see

You think it is a frog and I think it is a horse!

Turn the picture around

Moral : WE HAVE TO RESPECT EACH OTHER'S OPINION; you can see it clearly in the above Picture. We just need to wait and listen actively to others' point of view.

So why am i subjecting myself to such hurts? I really wonder too..........

This really best proved that "IGNORANCE IS BLISS". By not knowing it, i'll not subject myself to more heartache................ i tell myself, don't read anymore already..........will this works????

PS: my therapathic bake : MUNCHY OATMEAL RAISINS COOKIES - recipe available in my bon appetite blog.