Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Early Moon Cakes Festival

It's been quite some time since i last update my blog. Well, have been busy with work. Ok, ok, i confessed, not really busy with work la but lazy. The fact that no one is interested in my life, puts me on hold with updating. Er......... but i said before, who cares whether anyone bothers or not. *wink wink* Haha..... ok, ok, the real confession - actually i was busy playing online silly games and i was really lazy with baking any new stuff, so there's really nothing for me to update.

Well, now here comes the opportunity. All thanks to KD and his mum for giving me a reason to update this post.

It'll be another 2 over weeks before mooncake festival but it's so kind of KD to bypass my office to pass me these delicious mooncakes that KD's mum make. #yum yum# I have these also last year but as it was so delicious that before i could get a good photography done, it's all in hubby tummy. Heehee....... this year, no matter what, i also must grab every possible angle of these delicious moon cakes.

Looks very good and delicious right? The color is so even too. As good as those selling outside, infact better and more tasty too.

Different angles taken.

A close up of the cutted mooncake.
Well, i really enjoyed my early mooncake festival. ^-.-^