Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art Festival & National Museum

Last week met up with buddy STny (to pick up some stuff from her) and another friend. As ny wanted to watch the art festival performance outside the national museum, so we decided to have dinner some where nearby which is the nasi padang at hotel rendezvous. After dinner, we walk down to the national museum, as we were pretty earlier, so decided to take a walk round the museum. It has been ages since i last visit the national museum, infact, not in this new location.
(taken on the ground floor)
A closer look at the statue on the 2nd floor

At the wayang and cinema hall

A traditional head dress used during the olden days' wedding

A very tradition record player

At the food exhibit hall

As not all the hall are open to public FOC, plus because it's already closed at that hour, we did not managed to walk round all the hall. I have also taken very few photos as it was pretty dark inside the hall, and i doubt my camera would give me good effect.
After that, as it was pretty near to the performance hour already, we decide to leave. Thought we would be able to catch a good spot for watching the performance by some Italian group dancer entitled "The dancing Sky", however, i was so surprised to see the whole area is already packed with many audience. This is the 1st time that i'm watching such a performance, therefore, i'm really surprised by the crowd.

As the organiser is a bit disorganise, we were forced to move a couple of times from one spot to another. At the end of the day, we couldn't get a good spot and we are so far away from the performance area. As such, with my lousy camera, i couldn't catch any photo of the performance. But, well, we could still steal a glimpse of the performance. The music is pretty good and the dancer are fantastic. Imagine being suspended in the air, they could still do very artistic stunt. Wow, i wished i was in the front row, then i could get a better look and would be able to take some photos.
Didn't finish watching the whole performance, left half way thru to catch a movie instead.