Thursday, October 18, 2012

My 1st Vitacost loot

Nowsaday i do quite a bit of online shopping. While reading Luxury Haven post on "Let your finger do the walking at Vitacost", i was introduced to Vitacost - a US base website that sells health supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, household needs, pets foods, etc etc, there's just too many to name them all here. What i like is that the prices are relatively reasonable and most of the things look of quality products.

I was lucky to join Luxury Haven giveaway and won myself a US$50 voucher. I'm really elated and can't wait to go on a shopping spree.

Today my 1st Vitacost purchase arrived.

I can't wait to unwrap the box.

See how Vitacost nicely wrapped my purchase item.
Let me unwrapped further and show you my purchases.
Vitacost included a very useful catalogue inside the box. Here's a peek into the catalogue:

It introduces you to some of the health supplement that Vitacost carries. The benefits/uses of the health supplement is stated clearly in the catalogue. Beside that, the number of tablets/capsules/mg and prices are also stated clearly in the catalogue.
 Now to my real purchases:
"If you care" Large baking cups - 60 pieces at US$1.44
I have taken out 1 piece of the baking cup to show you the actual size and material of the baking cup as this was not shown in their shopping site.

Some nail care products that i purchased:
Earth Therapeutics Filing Block  - US$1.92
Barielle Nail strengthener cream 0.5 fl oz - US$7.12 - there's a lot of good comment on this product in the site and i think i really needed one as my nails are pretty fragile nowsday and it could hardly grow long
2 Revlon Crazy shine nail buffer - US$3.59 each - my friend bought this and told me that it really works wonder, therefore i got 2 because i'm super "kiasu" (afraid to loose out) as i'm a typical Singaporean - hahaha......
Earth Therapeutics cuticle nipper - US$4.00 - I love to DIY and since i already bought so much things to take care of my nails, i might as well buy this too (and it's really cheap, i think you may have to pay about S$15 to get one here locally) to complete my nail care system.

My most value for money purchase - Avalon Organic Thickening Shampoo 14 fl oz - US$4.62
Good buy isn't it? I've been experiencing thinning hair problem and i hope this could help. I may just have to keep repeating my order of this if it worked. See how Vitacost wrapped this shampoo? Cling wrap plus putting it into a ziplock bag just incase it spill out which i think is very unlikely to happen as i noticed how careful they are in packing the various item that i purchased.

My luxury indulgence - heehee..... guess what it is?


Aloha Bay Chakra Candle jar Abudance - 11 oz - US$8.54
I hope this would bring better luck and abundancy to my family after lighting it. This comes in a glass jar and Vitacost is very careful in packing it by having it bubble wrapped in more than 2 layers - as such, my glass jar is "safe and sound" when it reached me. If you are into "feng shui", Vitacost sells plenty of this kind of candles and lightings for feng shui.

I love this salt lamp very much.

Not in my purchase

I've KIV this because this is pretty heavy to send and the shipping may even cost more than the product itself. But i may just get it on impulse.

My highest price item among my purchases -
Avalon Organics Vitamin C vitality facial serum - 1 fl oz - US$15.25
Having read Luxury Haven's experience with Jyunka Miracle M+ fluid, and i knew that this Miracle M+ fluid is actually pure vitamin C and i'm hoping that this Avalon Vitamin C serum would do me some miracle like what Jyunka's Miracle M+ fluid would do. Hahaha..... Naive or smart? Whatever it is, i hope this would give me some magic.

My total purchases cost only US$50.07 + US$2.99. What i actually pay is only S$3.06 since i won the US$50 voucher from Luxury Haven. Thanks to Blackswan for making my X'mas comes early.

Remember, Vitacost shipped internationally to many countries and it cost only US$2.99 if you keep your total purchase weight at 1.36 kg or lower for selected countries. Love to check out for yourself? Click here : By clicking on this link, you can get a $10 to start off with your purchases.

Remember to subscribe to their news letter while you shop so you could also enjoy discount coupons which they reward customers and price break sales new at the very 1st hour.