Monday, May 27, 2013

What does a Panda eats?

Responding to Luxury Haven call out for participants to win food vouchers by participating in a contest; and since I had always been a great supporter of Blackswan from Luxury Haven, I shall participate irregardless of the winning. Truth??? Heehee....... of course not..... i'll definitely hope to win something.....

There's 3 choices on the topic to write - being:

a) how to eat like a panda (geez.... I don't have any idea at all)
b) a recipe for panda food (this don't looks easy too, I don't even have any idea what does a Panda eats, let alone to create a recipe. Oh no, not a good choice too.)
c) what pandas eat (ah ha.... this seems easy. shall stick with this)

When I do a search on what do pandas eat, I found: Bamboo. That's the most direct simple answer. In actual fact, pandas daily menu consists almost entirely of the leaves, stems, and shoots of various bamboo species.

however, I don't think pandas would eat this:

 Haha... these are the Chinese new year auspicious indoor bamboo plant, or perhaps they do when they are real hungry like Kungfu Panda. Kungfu Panda eats almost anything. He even eats "Peace" like this cartoon picture:

I've not watch Kungfu panda before - not part 1 nor part 2. Was told that it's real funny. Perhaps I should start looking out for it and start watching. In the meanwhile, I would suggest Kungfu Panda visit HERE to look out for more food.