Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Update

Taken at Changi Airport terminal 3 - kids are not related to me. Haha.... hope i would not be call a paparazi should these kids becomes a star one day.

Taken in Thomson Plaza. Have been following my colleague there to run some errants for the past few days. This tree is very tall - about 3 storey high. Couldn't snap a full length one initially as i want to get a good picture of the decorations on the tree. So i snap the upper portion then the lower portion. Wonder which is taller, the one inside takashimaya or this one. Mmmm...... did not go Orchard to roam lately except passing by a couple of times - so still knew that this year the theme is candies and lollipop, so sweet.........

Now this is a full length snap shot.

Taken in HDB block of flats - at telok blangah drive. Nowsaday you could hardly see this type of elaborated decoration in housing estate except for shopping mall near housing estate. Wonder who bare the cost of these lightings. Mmm..... pass on to the residents??

Met up with childhood friend S recently. These was specially make for her and her family - cranberry cupcakes with colorful chocolate rice as decoration on top. Didn't give her all thou, as i also make my signature chocolate chips cookies for her too. Beside also give little gift for her and her daughter.

These cupcakes is moist and tasty.

Make this today.
Gingerbread Man

My terrible piping skills. Look how yucky these gingermen look after my horrible piping.

The only one which i think is still acceptable because, some how or the other, the eyes looks like heart shape - heehee........ not my intended creation thou, haha........