Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY your blouse/t-shirt

I'm really a hands-on person and i love to DIY.

Today while ironing my clothes, i recalled that i found that a black blouse which i wear is really too plain. Like this:

Too plain, isn't it?  Lol! I guessed, i probably bought it because of the lace embroideries sleeve. I love that. I decided to add some details to make it less plain. I recalled removing some blink button beads from an old blouse, i decided to recycle it. Ta...ta.... here's my new blouse:

How i do it? It's simple. As the blink button comes with 2 small holes at the side, i just hand sew it.

Then i recalled sometime back, i DIY a plain t-shirt too. As i didn't take a before picture, i can only show you my end product.

I got the tiny ribbon from Diaso - my favourite shopping paradise, and the flower button from Spotlight.

I love to DIY, it not only satisfied my urge to create, it also gives me something unique which you can't get a second piece. How about you? Do you DIY?