Monday, May 4, 2009

Popcorn anyone?

Whenever i passed by this movie theatre that sells freshly popped corn, i would always be attracted by the aroma of the pop corn there. Of course, whenever i do watch a movie, i would always buy a box to ease my craving before the movie starts. I don't want to keep my hands busy while watching the show neither do i want to miss the minor details, lolz. Most important of all, it would be such a nuisance to other movie goer too. Well, this habit don't come by cheap, for a small box like this, it would cost me seven sin dollars. Luckily, i'm not really a movie goer, but i am really a popcorn lover, haha....

Yesterday, i was able to experiment with my non-stick wok. I knew of this shopping mall that sells kitchen ware in their basement - there's always this promoter trying to sell his non-stick wok at hundreds of dollars. One of the demonstration that he always does is to make popcorn. According to him, he claimed that not ordinary wok can do this. Well, i was tempted to buy but on the other hand, it would really be crazy to buy a hundreds of dollars wok just to do pop corn since my family is rather small and i always make do with a smaller skillet wok which is less troublesome to wash too. Well, i do own a larger wok which i only use occassionally or for steaming large cake. Now, i'm going to do my experiment with it since this is also a non-stick wok that comes with a air-tight lid except it's so much cheaper than the one being promoted.

Well, my experiment was a success - viola! my very own CARAMEL POPCORN any time i crave for it.