Monday, May 5, 2008


Tdy, colleague L cried in the office. L's so called being retrench......... but without official notice and the last day would probably be June 2.

So sad for L. After spending 8 over years with the company, now that the section is closing and L is expected to leave on L's "own accord" - without any retrenchment compensation or any notification about the decision. It's only after much pestering with L's boss that L realised the company is letting L go just like that. Actually L more or less expected it but never expect them to not even inform at all. Sigh.............

A few year back, the "sister" company also retrench some one who works abt 17 to 18 years with the company already. The reason is just becos - times up - 55 already. Alamak, being retrench at 55, how to get another job else where.

L is not even anything near that but then for L's age (even though L is still younger than me), it's still difficult. L told me that while browsing around, L is being told that they are not looking for "matured" one. What a "good" word this professional job placement company uses.

I'm already in my 20th year of service, i wonder when it would be my turn.........