Saturday, October 27, 2012

One dish meal

I'm a super lazy person and i always looked for the easiest way to get things done. Yesterday, i cooked curry chicken with ready made curry chicken mix. My family enjoyed it with french bagel. Simple and fast and it's a way out of the regular rice meal.

Last week, i cooked cheesy broccoli with recipe adapted from Luxury Haven. Here's the original recipe. I added bacon bits on top of the cheese. Some how or the other, my broccoli didn't turn out like Luxury Haven presented version. Here's how my version turn out:

Nevertheless, it is still very tasty.

I also cooked salted egg yolk chicken.

This is also tasty but some how or the other, it's not as crispy probably because i pre-fried the chicken pieces way ahead and then fry again with the boiled salted egg yolk. I knew that most recipe would call for the salted egg yolk to be steamed. I boiled mine because i love to egg the salted egg white and find it too wasteful to discard it and just steam the yolk alone. I shall KIV this recipe till i perfect it before sharing it.
I also boiled a simple chestnut chicken soup.

My main purpose is just to drink the soup. Nothing to wow about it except my daughter enjoyed it very much, she loves it so much that she drink 2 big bowl of it. What i like to share here is that i manage to get vacuum pack chestnut from the supermarket. It comes like this:

It's considered a little dear thou. For this small packet, it cost me $2.90. But i don't mind paying for it because it save me the hassle of having to peel the husk and skin of the fresh chestnut and i don't like the dried form. The fresh one actually make the soup sweeter and tastier.
Today, i cooked a one dish meal again - cabbage rice. Simple and easy way out of thinking what dishes to cook. However, one dish meal must take care of all the nutrients too. Therefore, in this dish, there's vegetables (cabbage and mushroom), meat (lean pork, chinese sausage and dried shrimp) and rice.

For recipe, please refer to my bon appetite cabinet.