Monday, February 14, 2011

The "Indecent" Proposal

What's the most innovative way to propose?

Well, 1st visit a supermarket or a wet market. Head for the vegetables section, buy the most beautiful bunch of CAULIFLOWER. Huh? Cauliflower? Mmm.... planning to make some delicious dishes? Nope, no, it's really cauliflower that you need.

Next, head to BURGER KING. Oh, oh, the delicious dish got burned? and you have to grap some food? Nope, no, no... you are suppose to get a packet of ONION RINGS, choose one of the best firmly fried onion ring, and discard the rest. Hey, one onion ring is not enough for 2. Hahaha! the Onion ring is not for eating.

Here's what you are suppose to do:

Step 1: Nicely wrap the bunch of Cauliflower - this is supposed to represent your bouquet of roses.
Step 2: Choose a nice ring box, put the Onion ring into the box.

There you go, date her out, and do your most innovative indecent proposal. LOL!

I'm just kidding. Guys out there, don't try this unless you want to send your irritable girl friend off forever, or if you are serious about your relationship. Heard this over dinner and thought this is real funny. Well, i elaborated a little.

It's Valentine today. HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL OUT THERE. Have fun!