Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another tote bag

I make another tote bag again. And yes, this is completely hand sewn again as mentioned in my earlier post - i don't have a working sewing machine at home.

This is actually recycle from the jeans leg. And yes, it's the same pair of jeans that i use to make my "carry all apron".

I managed to find this piece of nice print cloth among my old sewing which i used to do many years ago. Some how, my recent browsing on the internet have re-ignite my passions for doing craft work and sewing again.

Isn't this cute?

A closer look

Lay flat on the floor.
A closer look at my yo-yo embellishment on the tote.

Oh! did i mentioned that this tote is completely reversible. The reason why i'm doing a completely reversible one is because since i don't have a sewing machine, anything visible by hand sewing may not be as neat and i also need to keep away the frillings from the jeans.
So i have one tote but two style of carrying it.

This is the other reverse version of my same tote.

I'm actually quite please with my completed tote - something new from something old - isn't it that i'm doing my part for being eco-friendly? Two different design too, hurray!!!

My simplicity lunch

Mmm......... i think some people is going to call me crazy. What so fantastic about this? Well, nothing actually - it's just one of my family favourite dish - sesame oil chicken.
I have decided to write down this recipe in my recipe cabinet. Who knows, my descedant may just want it somedays.