Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Have you ever wonder how a flower hot dog bun is being make? The picture below show it step by step. Well, i'm not the one who did it - i copied it from another website - putting it here for safe keeping, till i'm able to make it.

Can't do bread to the softness like breadtalk because i don't have the correct equipment to knead the dough till it is elastic enough for the bread to last till the next day yet still remains soft. Although those bread i make earlier is soft right after baking, but the softness didn't last till the next day. The equipment needed for making bread is either a bread making machine or a heavy duty mixer (about 800 watts and above) with dough hook. A check in the mall shows that such a machine would cost between S$800 to S$1,200 depending on the model and attachment. Have been hesitating on getting one even though loves to bake a lot but as i don't make it for sale, so such an expensive investment will have to be thought over carefully. Unless i have a sudden windfall :) which is very unlikely as hardly ever buy 4D or participate in any cash prize contest.

Well, there's actually of a lot of to buy list in my mind so........ everything KIV.

And here's some of my recipe collection - look! it's only some because didn't take pictures of all.
In actual fact, never follows any recipe to the exact. I always like to modify the recipe to my own likings and convenience. These recipes book just give me an idea of how certain thing is being done. For example, found the tactics of making the spider web design on cake from the recipe book - chocolate temptation. Also by looking at recipe book, it also gives me an idea of food presentation inorder to get an appetizing look. Then also, a good camera is also needed to get a sharper picture. Recently also found out that there's something like a photo shooting tent. At first was wondering what it that. Then chance upon one - it's actually something like a cubicle with spot light sort of things so as to achieve professional photo shoot effect.

Example of a photo shooting tent:

And here's my baking - pandan siffon cake. Quite disapointing though because the top crack before the cake is fully bake. Then when dis-mould, the cake skin didn't come out probably too. Perhaps not enough oil. One thing though - the cake top did not curve to be like a tyre which sifu said is not correct. Also the cake is soft and spongy. Have to check with sifu the actual combination of the ingredient.