Saturday, January 24, 2009


I had been busy with work as well as baking CNY cookies. This year, i make Peanuts Dainties (Recipe from my bon appetite blog), Cashew nuts cookies, Kueh bangkits, Kueh Mamur, Cornflakes cookies (Recipe all available at 厨房笔记).

I have make a slide show to show my bakes, very convenient, just upload the pictures, select theme, layout, style, etc.

Viola! You will have a beautiful slide show.

Heehee..... normally i don't do much of house visiting during CNY, especially not last year as well as this year. So, it's quite boring to stay at home doing nothing during the public holiday, so normally, i will spend my time baking again. Haha.....crazy right? But beside this, i really don't know what else i can do. Mmmmm..... perhaps i can play viwawa again. Well, i haven't decided, just will depend on my mood these 2 days.

So friend, perhaps you may come back to check if i have more bakes from the slide show...........

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Good new - I'll soon be having another nephew/niece. So delighted, after years of nagging from me, my brother-in-law and sister finally decided to add a new family member to the household. I'm really really happy. When i noticed the little "hump" of my sister's tummy yesterday just before our early reunion dinner. I thought, "Goodness, not another weight gaining again". To my surprise, my sister told me she's expecting. Originally she only wanted to break the news during CNY angpow giving session by saying, "Next year, I'll be collecting back already huh". Hehehe..... but i discovered first. Yippee!

The bad news - with the economy downturn, my 2nd brother may lost his job anytime. His situation now is like 三天打鱼,四天晒网。Yet, he can't look for another job at the moment as he's still hoping to get some compensation should he really be retrench. Sigh......

Nowsaday, it's so lucky to be still holding a job. Maybe, that what people said must "感恩“. Just read some where:

I'm so glad............

for all little gestures done which is not a big deal in the past, however, when you thought of it positively, when you know how to 感恩,then you would be happier.

Maybe i'm really so glad that i'm still able to blog here.........

Monday, January 12, 2009

CNY Mandarin Orange Deco DIY

Hi, i'm back. Least some people might thought that i'm back to working overtime again, sorry to disappoint you, i haven't, lolz.

Actually i'm busy doing some stuff -

1) I fried some tapioca flour for making kueh bangkits, sorry, no finished product yet because i haven't make. The recipe asked for the flour to be pre-fried before hand - preferably 3 days to 1 week in advance, so therefore, haven't do yet as i only fried yesterday.

2) I make a pandan butter cake today. Mmm.... the finished product didn't look presentable, however, the cake is pretty soft - so soft like chiffon cake yet you can get the fullness after eating it, unlike chiffon cake as if you are eating air, never seems to get full.

Straight from the oven

Removed from the mould

Sliced up

3) Ta da...... here's my biggest project. I attempted to do a self filming video of me making the CNY deco - mandarin orange DIY.

Well, as you can see, the video is horrible. (Uploading this video is already taking me "dino years" to complete it) Therefore, i make a slide show instead.

All these needs time to do it. I'm not so good in taking pictures, therefore, this is the best i could produce for now. At least you can more or less know how to DIY CNY mandarin orange deco. Hopefully, i would be able to do a proper video in future or at least be able to take better pictures for doing my slide show. For now, please bear with it hah, lolz.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yeah! i did it

Today, i managed to leave the office punctually again. Took my dinner at a food court near my house, went to the supermarket to buy some stuff and i also bought sweet potato. (of course, i must credit my partner, otherwise i wouldn't be able to do all this). Came back and make this dessert. Dada.......... here comes my sweet potato soup dessert - simple and easy but my partner loves.

Not bad huh, i did it again - no OT. Haha...... that's how AH Q i am. :)

And now i'm going to watch my TV program which i don't usually does previously. ;P

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolution

Haha..... to all my friends who are reading my blog and to the unknown body who are reading my blog. eer.............sound eerie, heehee....

Whenever a new year comes, or an old year passed, you would heard people talking about NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. However, usually at the end of it, you may discovered that you old year resolution is not met and then you are talking about new year's resolutions. For me, i never bother to set any new year resolutions because i never seems to be able to keep to it. Sometimes because i have no will power, sometimes some unforeseen circumstances cropped up and you are force to abandon your resolutions.

I was jokingly telling my salemen that my new year's resolutions is to be a bad hearted person, i told them that i would stop pampering them and they have to learn to do stuff themselves. Well in a way, it's for their own good - who knows, one of these days, the company may decide that they don't need my service anymore. So it's really for their own benefits that they learn to do it themselve rather then always relying on me. This would in term lightened my workload too. So it's a win win arrangement, hopefully they would help me to fullfill this resolutions. Hahaha..... but looks like i'm day dreaming.

This year, i have set myself some new year resolutions and hopefully i would be able to keep to it.

I'm already going into the office earlier than anybody else, so i think i should stop the habit of being the 1st to open the office door and the last to close the office door. Whatever needs to be done, it could be done the next day. Although there's a saying “今日事今日毕”,but there's also a saying “工作是永远做不完的”. So no more OT - no more overtime.
X'mas eve - supposed to be working half day, in the end, i work till 8 pm.
New Year's eve - actually half day again, but again i finished at 7 pm.
But this are all last year 2008's happening, 2009 - no more such thing.

Heehee..... don't tell me i'm dreaming la, PLEASE. I think age is really catching up with me - poor eyesight - needs reading glasses liao, metabolism slow down also - eats little but yet still puts on weight. So can someone please tell me how to keep this resolution? eat less, exercise more, eat less, exercise more............. can repeating these words helps???

I think inorder to achieve this, i need to learn to let go. No point pondering over things that i can't solve on my own. No use - let nature takes it's own course. Things that haven't happen may not happen at all, so why worry. It's "Let it go let it go" not "let it snow let it snow"

Today, i manage to accomplish my 1st resolutions - i left my office punctually - finished my dinner and here i am blogging. ds, keep it going.....