Saturday, May 16, 2009

Make recently


I make this crispy bacon prawn roll with the recipe from here.
I didn't use baby french bean thou as i have some aparagus in the fridge, so i decided to use aparagus instead. Ohterwise, i'm afraid my aparagus may go to waste.
As usual, for a quick meal, i top it off with some angel hair sphagetti again. Yummy!

I make a quick cake using optimal flour. As this is the 1st time i'm trying, the quantity seems too little for a 18cm cake tin. Next round, i shall test out with an increase quantity to check the result. Although the cake seems too thin, i still want to try out my skill in slicing the cake, putting fillings into it and decorating the cake to make it like a birthday cake.

Viola! my decorated cake.

The inside

Not very well done, but at least i get it started. Next time, i shall try my hand on more other topping and slicing the cake to more layer.

Steam tiapoca cake - hubby's favourite.