Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taiwanese Porridge Buffet

Yesterday as both myself and my partner did not have a proper lunch, so we decided to go for Taiwanese Porridge Buffet dinner.
This place that we visit is actually near my old house area. It's actually a cafe of a hotel which changes it's name several times due to change in management. However, i just loves the food that they serve and also the ambience. The cafe may not be posh but the food is quite good considering that it is reasonably priced as compare to some very posh restaurant.
The taiwanese porridge buffet comes with so much variety that i could hardly count how many items are there actually.
I have actually taken a picture out from their web featuring the Taiwanese Porridge varieties of item - it serves from clear soup, braised duck and pork, braised taupok, braised hard boil egg, braised beancurd stick, assam fish, mixed vegetables, porridge side dishes, mussels, curry chicken with french loaf, mutton, beef, steam egg, etc. etc.......the list can go on and on, complete with plain porridge, sweet potato porridge, plain rice, tanghoon. It also serves surprises tim sum dish, fruits, desserts like ice kachang and bread pudding (something which i don't normally eat, but yesterday one was pretty good), a wild variety of ice-cream in an ice cream bar. It's definitely a must try for people who loves variety but didn't want to pay too much like my childhood friend - STgt. (STgt, this shall be our next meeting place if you don't mind the journey) But i guess buddy STsn wouldn't like it (i guessed) because i knew she goes more for fine dinning and not much of a buffet goer.

This is the ambience that i have taken a picture of. (not very well taken thou)

My favourite soup..............err, i meant the soup bowl.

Heehee...... i loves this bowl because it's slightly tilted to the front so that u can actually see the content inside the bowl even when you take a picture from the front instead of from the top. Very good for presentation of your soup for photo shooting. Haha...... have actually been looking for this type of bowl but didn't want to pay too much thou.

This is my favourite dish among the buffet varieties - mussels with shell on cooked in spicy tomato sauce complete with onion and garlic (not sure whether if this sauce is call Neapolitan sauce). Never fail to take this every time i visit.

Some of the side dishes that we ate.

Clockwise from 6 o'clock - fried peanuts and anchovies, pork floss, preserve block bean curd, seasoned chye sim and sliver fish with black bean paste.

Yesterday surprise tim sum - pan fried gyoza serve with vinegar and shredded ginger.
Curry Chicken drumlets served with french loaf. Another dish we will never miss.
Lastly we complete our buffets with some fruits and ice kachang without the kachang. Heehee... which is my habit - ice kachang without the kachang (red bean).

As we both are not a great eater, i did not take picture of all the dishes that is being served yesterday. For eg, we have given the assam fish a miss, didn't take the picture of all the braise item like braise duck, braised hard boil egg as i knew that those food which is cook with dark sauces will not turn out well in my camera.

Oh, just in case if you want to visit, here's the address:

Quality Hotel Singapore

201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926

Tel: 6355 9988

The cost of the buffet is only $10.80 ++ per person for dinner from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Isn't it value for money? For $10.80 ++, you gets variety + ambience, where to find?

I think after 10.00 pm, they called it porridge supper and it's only $8.00 ++. It's served all the way up till 1.00 am. I have not tried this thou.

Here's a map to show where it is located. Just at the corner of the junction between Balestier Road and Moulmein Road.

And if you do go there, don't forget to mention about my blog's recommendation. Maybe i could just earn a free porridge buffet dinner next time round when i visit. Haha..........lolz, just kidding!