Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spider Web Cake

Oops, spider web cake, haha......... sound scary right? Actually, i was refering to the spider web design on the cake.

Talking about this spider web cake, sometime last year, so many of us is crazy over this cake. The cake is really delicious. I still remember the 1st time when i attempted to do this cake, i was such an "idiot". One of the ingredient involve in this cake requires to be crushed. Guess what i did? Haha..... i actually do it the very traditional way - I POUND IT. To think that i actually have a blender/miller at home, yet i didn't use it......... so stupid right? At that time, i still “死要面子”,i said i enjoyed crushing it by pounding it as i enjoyed watching it being crushed under my hand. Haha......... "You are a sadist" - my friend commented, and of course it's meant to be a joke.

So much of last time, back to the main purpose of this post. I have been wondering how to draw a nice spider web till i saw the picture demonstration in one of these recipe book. Here's how it is being done:
1st, you mixed some coco powder with hot water (thick but runny enough to be pipe), place it in a piping bag, and pipe a swirl (circular form) on top of the cake (before cooking) as show above.

Then you use a satay stick to pull out straight line from the centre of the swirl as shown in the picture on the right.

The completed design before cooking will look like the picture below.

Dada............. the cake after cooking is like the picture above.
Well, i still needs lots of practice on my piping skills as you would have notice the thickness of the swirl is not very even. Heehee.......... that's how a real spider web should looks like isn't it? I believed no real spider web will be even in their "cottonly thread". ME AND MY "AH Q" 精神! :p