Sunday, August 3, 2008


Attended a Malay wedding this afternoon. The bride is my colleague's niece. Haha....... everyone asking what has his niece's wedding got to do with his colleagues. Well, i can only say since i'm being invited and since i have the time, no harm in attending even though it's really costly to give a big ang pow for 2 plate of nasi bryani. Actually, my thoughts is that Malay loves crowd(爱热闹), that why they would invite anybody whom they are associate with。

As i really don't know the bride/bridegroom or their parents at all, i feel shy to wipe out my camera to take photos. As such, i only snap 1 photo and that's the stage layout before the bride arrived.

My saturday noon's snack - bake potato chips skewer chicken.
For recipe - refer to my bon appetite blog.