Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday, while i'm eating my lunch in the office, colleague S came to tell me a shocking news. Wow! Senior D is being given the "big envelope" last Friday! It's so shocking to me and i almost choke on my noodle.

Oh what's happening??? All this while i thought Senior D would never ever get this envelope. However, colleague L confirmed it. Colleague L told me that Senior D said so to her personally.
Senior D have been working in the company for as long as i am. I also heard that Senior D even asked to extend for another 3 months so that work could be hand over smoothly. See, how kind hearted and yet that's how the company is "rewarding" in returned. Although Senior D was with the company for as long as i am, however, we are not under the same payroll - belongs to the other session as colleague L. Nevertheless, Senior D handles work of my session too. When colleague L was given the "big envelope", i was told that colleague D would stay put and transfer to my session. And now........... sigh.......... really wonder would i get mine soon too???

Now i'm like 惊弓之鸟。And i'm feeling very stress because i don't know what is happening.............

And the best way to release stress is to do something that i enjoy.
So here's my bake for today - APPLE PIE.
Just a small portion - about 6 pieces altogether to test out the recipe. Once i feel it's good enough, i shall put it up in my Bon Appetite Blog.