Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short Memory

Suddenly discovered recently that, "OH Dear! I've such short memory."

My aunty in her 70s recently passed away in her sleep (People said this is call good death - no suffering, although it could be such a shock to dear ones). While attending her funeral for a couple of nights, i met my group of cousins which we hardly ever catch up with nowsaday. Most of them are already in their 50s to 60s already (but never look like one, which leaves me wondering how could they keep up with themselves and maintained so well). The funny thing is, they all could remember me and could even call out my name. However, i have no memory of which is which. Only upon mentioning by my brothers and sisters that i could vaguely remember them but i really couldn't recall those old memories that they were talking about. Never knew that i have such fun childhood with them all. :)

Ok, now, the more i think i should record some of my memories here.

Muruku from colleague SK.
Birthday card from buddy - STsn. Also a sexy gift from her which is not convenient to post here. haha.....:)
爱心早餐 from 阿嬷。Not all on the same day of course. But i have always been receiving regularly this kind gestures from friend's mother.

Pork dumpling

Teochew png kueh
And not forgetting birthday well wishes via SMS from buddy - BL, car agent - ACC, Colleague SD, Sifu - IT, etc. etc. Thank you very much.