Sunday, September 28, 2008


Went to bugis a few days back. saw this basker - whole body applied gold powder and standing under the hot sun like a statue. Occassionally there may be some donor, quite poor thing. Snap these photograph as form of support. Well, these types of baskers seems quite common here nowsaday so there's no 新鲜感。I guessed, inorder to get more donations, basker must come up with something more fresh and new.

Bought these split beans quite sometime ago but waited till now then i make these - Tau Sar Piah and Tau Suan.
To make tau suan is quite simple but to make tau sar piah - yoohoo! no joke, takes me from 7 am to 2.30 pm (just in time for my meditation class) to complete the whole process - from soaking the split beans, steaming it, mashing it, cutting the shallots, frying the shallots, dished out, fry the mashed split beans, weighing the fried split beans and roll it to balls of equal size, preparing the skin (oil skin and water skin), wrapping with the pre-rolled split beans fillings, brushing with egg yolk, sprinkling with sesame (pre-roasted too) then to the oven. Wow, long process but i loves these tau sar piah - simply delicious. Well, it's a good time spent rather then glueing myself to the computer or TV screen. Heeheehee...........

Tau suan before sprinkling the yew jia kueh and
after sprinkling the yew jia kueh.
Lucky i didn't make the yew jia kueh myself. Hahaha.... Tau Sar Piah

The split beans after frying and rolled into balls

Tau sar piah before bake and fresh from the oven

A close up - not so clear thou, because of my lousy camera.