Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm very excited

I'm really very excited about tomorrow - the big day - the long awaited day is finally coming.

At 1st i was not really ethusiatic about it, not because i'm not concern but rather i have been disappointed time and again - each time i would only be inform at the very last minute that it's postpone again for no/unknown reason. This time it's for real - IT'S FINALLY COMING. (i'm still keeping my finger crossed - God, please don't do it again - i would surely collapse if it happen again)

i have start stocking up on food - it's has really been a long time since i last bought such big quantity of food. There's a lot of things i wanted to do - i want to do shrimp paste fried chicken wing, panfried pork chop, braised pork (kong bak), assam prawn, salted egg yolk prawn, mayonaise cheese prawn, bake cheesy prawn, crispy fried pork, crispy fried fish, layer cheese cake with jelly top, snow skin mooncake (yes mooncake, haha, i have got the ingredients but didn't do because lack of time and lack of people to consume), cashew nut cookies, etc. etc......
The list can go on and on........... but obviously i couldn't have done all in 1 go, and neither have i stock up on everything. I just stock up my freezer - at least the freezer is no longer empty for the longest time. Wow! i surely have lots to catch up. But for a start, i had already make my signature cashew nuts chocolate chips cookies as requested. Obviously, she have really missed these cookies. I have originally planned to do this just 1 day ahead which is today because i want to have the freshest cookies. But i make it on Sunday night instead. Luckily i did, otherwise, i think i might be over excited and it might not turn out well.

2 hours more before the date jumps - i wish for it to move faster...........