Saturday, January 24, 2009


I had been busy with work as well as baking CNY cookies. This year, i make Peanuts Dainties (Recipe from my bon appetite blog), Cashew nuts cookies, Kueh bangkits, Kueh Mamur, Cornflakes cookies (Recipe all available at 厨房笔记).

I have make a slide show to show my bakes, very convenient, just upload the pictures, select theme, layout, style, etc.

Viola! You will have a beautiful slide show.

Heehee..... normally i don't do much of house visiting during CNY, especially not last year as well as this year. So, it's quite boring to stay at home doing nothing during the public holiday, so normally, i will spend my time baking again. Haha.....crazy right? But beside this, i really don't know what else i can do. Mmmmm..... perhaps i can play viwawa again. Well, i haven't decided, just will depend on my mood these 2 days.

So friend, perhaps you may come back to check if i have more bakes from the slide show...........