Sunday, October 11, 2009

Playing with my dough

I had been trying to make bread for the longest time already, but because i don't have a bread maker, neither do i have a strong power mixer, so i didn't attempt to do again because the bread i do is always only soft immediately after baking but by the next day, it would be hard already. I have been searching and searching for bread recipe that doesn't require machine, fully handmade, but in vain. Till recently, sifu wanted to teach a fully handmade bread over the radio program, so i was able to acquire the recipe 1st hand since i had been helping with the English translation of the recipe all this while.

Last tuesday, i took a day off to visit my precious girl, after visiting, as i have not make any arrangement for any other activity, i decided to give the recipe a go even before it is put up in the DJ's kitchen recipe blog. (The recipe was put up on the same Tuesday evening after the recipe was taught over the radio program).

After much kneading, swinging and banging with the dough, i finally got my bread (fully handmade). Although the bread is not super soft like those selling in bakery, basically i'm quite satisfied with the result. At least it didn't go down the rubbish chute the next day. Infact, everything was finished up by the next morning by just 2 of us. Well, and at least i enjoyed the whole process of playing with my dough and i came out with the following design:

The interior texture

Ham roll with cheese flower design bread

Ham roll with cheese "pork rib" (supposed to represent) design bread

My greatest creation, pig's head design bread.
haha! isn't this cute? But the true fact is, it's empty inside, hehe!