Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recent activities

Have not been updating my blog. Well, i have nothing to show off unlike luxuryhaven who have won so many awards and have so many readers. Lolz.

Anyway, just a little update on my recent activities.

I've make this little tote bag out of left over yarn from many years back.

Isn't this cute?

A close up

The base

Well, at least i have make something useful. I carry this tote bag to the supermarket whereby i put a pack of tissue paper, my house keys, my handphone and my wallet.

Make this glutinous rice and mould it into a heart shape just for presentation purpose only. Haha, anything heart shape would looks lovely, isn't it?

On the same day, i also make this yam (taro) cake.

Cut up. Look at the generous ingredients that i have added - dried shrimp, pork and mushroom.
I have top it with crispy fried shallot too. As i have forgotten to get the spring onion and chillies, so there's no garnishing. However, it still taste wonderful without the garnishing although i must admit that there's a lack of color which is my greatest mistake when come to food presentations.
Talking about food presentations, i have make this peanut dainties too. The recipe is available in my bon appetite blog. Well, as i reviewed my recipe folder slide show, i noticed that many of my food pictures are very badly done back then. As i was a lousy photographer armed with a lousy camera back then, (i'm still a lousy photographer now even though i have just bought a new camera not too long ago), many of the food pictures were badly done which is such a disservice to the many wonderful recipe shared. As i blog along, i have gained some experience on food presentations, i very much wanted to revamp the pictures which was badly taken back then. Well, today i make the 1st move by revamping my peanut dainties which melts in the mouth.

Comparatively, these pictures looks so much better than my last pictures done a couple of years back.

Mmmm......... i'm still very much into this rainbow thing. It's a pity that i missed this beautiful rainbow a couple of weeks back. I abstracted these 2 pictures from other blog and present it here for my own safe keeping. These pictures were so well taken and it's will be such a waste not to share it. Hopefully, when the next miracle like this happened, i will be able to take such professional photos too.......