Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Just re-created this blog. My previous blog was invaded by others. And it looks like there are people who is not happy with my previous blog. When i created my last blog, i have no intention of getting any publicity. It's just tat i was feeling bored back then, so i created a blog for me to write out my thoughts. Nevertheless, being KPO is my greatest mistake. I thought i just want to do as much to help for as long as i'm around this world. But little did i know that when i share the blog with fellow bloggers, there are some who is not happy and some who are very supportive. Of course, to write a blog without sharing may be rather meaningless, but then who cares! The most heart pain one is to be guessing who's the invader when i truely knew tat it's someone whom i know and have always respected who is imposing to be someone else and accusing me. I can only said tat when 2 persons doesn't agreed on a matter, tat's when quarrels would start. 当意见分歧时,好朋友也会变仇人。可悲真可悲!唉,不求天从人愿,但求问心无愧。

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