Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blog friend

Tdy, one of my previous blog friend talk to me over the MSN. He's quite neutral about wat happened. Glad that he still regard me as his friend. At least i know tat not all are angry with me. However, really worried tat others might boycott him if they think tat he also sided me. Actually shouldn't say sided, he's just being neutral. As such, told him to keep mum about the whole matter when he talks to the others. i really do not wish to create anymore unhappiness.

However, i'm not ready to share with him my new blog. Really afraid tat some thing like wat happened in my previous blog will happened again here. Therefore, can only keep these thoughts to myself and probably some unknown viewer (if there's any, but i doubt there will be any). So maybe many years later, when i read my own blog again, i would laugh or would cry again which i couldn't even predict myself. Or would i still be around to read my own blog many years later???

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KD said...


I have secretly crawl into this blog and read your posting... Wonder if you found it...