Thursday, October 4, 2007

Contra Band cigarette

Yesterday, one lorry who is supposed to deliver my co's potato chips to the warehouse was being detained at the custom becos of contra band cigarette found among the goods which is meant for us. Oh dear, the whole office becomes such a chaos becos the custom officer requested for the manager to bring down all the necessary documents to him. On top of that, they also took his statement and come to my store to check the documents. Although we are pretty sure, this has nothing to do with us but then becos of some silly fellow making use of our delivery, we are under investigation too.

After that from the news in the tele text, i understand the driver is only 25 years old and the cigarette is worth about $495,000. Oh shit! The custom officer even follow my store man back to his house to check his house and even detained his mobile phone. What bad luck he has got just becos he's a Malay and the driver is also a Malay who also denied any knowledge of the cigarette among our goods. Sigh....... racialism is really scary.

Really don't understand why must people do this type of illegal things. I just feel that if one earn less, then one will have to spend less and live within one's own means. Why want to take this type of silly risk. This lead me to the thought of someone dear.......... just becos of one silly mistake, and there it goes..........

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