Sunday, March 23, 2008

Same Name?????

Visited DJ Violet's kitchen recipe blog yesterday after receiving a sms from someone whom i have always respected. Har....... guess wat i saw? Someone having exactly the same name as me left some very unpolite comments. Ridiculous........ use a sentence always spoken in Korean drama "难道我疯了吗?”how could i have use my own name to leave such a provocative comments. Want to invite trouble meh? To tell the truth, i have not been reading comments left in the blog for quite some time already till yesterday. Well, i still do visit this blog occasionally to try some recipe and visit some of the tag along members blog; but only to look at pictures. Honestly, i have not even been listening to the radio let alone leaving comments. Well, partly becos i'm busy at work and partly becos i don't want to give myself any chance to be KPO again. I just have too much of my own life to bother about, so I would not “吃饱了,趁着,没事找事。”(korean drama phase again).

I don't believe there's such a coincedence - really got someone having exactly the same name as me meh? No wonder i'm being suspected for finding quarrel. Even i myself found it so unbelieveable...............

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